Aleksandar Tijanic was born in Belgrade, Serbia on October 08,1973. Aleksandar’s natural talents never left him while he was employed in the corporate world. He started painting as a young adult and pursued this interest throughout his life. One day in 2008 he was asked to hike into the mountains with friends and take photos of their journey. Magic happened. The journey enabled him to reach new heights, landscapes and destinations he never experienced. Now challenged to conquer the mountain tops was difficult and at times dangerous yet he was compelled to capture the vistas in his camera. Aleksandar focused all his energy to photograph and record what he saw in the artistic style. He knew he was committed to a life of photography. Aleksandar knew nature, mountains, and images are inextricably linked and wanted to share his sights with everyone..Aleksandar believes every mountain expedition should be a photographic journey to perpetuate the lune of the mountains, the moments in it and the people with a passion and persistence who are trying to conquer the mighty mountains.

Alexandar is a member and guide of the mountian club, PK  Radnički  http://www.pk-radnicki.in.rs/  of  Workers in Belgrade since 2008. In 2011 he became a member of the ÖsterreichischerAlpenverein- OEAV 


His works have been published in various magazines and websites related to nature, hiking and photography to include the Fellow Mountain Gazette and the website My Planet.

He participated in the expedition Caucasus (2009) reaching a height of 4,900 meters.

Reached more than 50 peaks above 2000 meters in the countries of  Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia i Herzegovina ,Albania.

2010 he climbed Mont Blanc at 4,810 meters.

2011 winter expedition was Triglav, Gran Paradiso 4,061 meters, Braithorn.

He led the expedition to Mont Blanc (2011)

2012 led the research team is climbing the Maja e  Harapit in Albania.

2013 led exploration in Albania, successfully climbed  the higher peak Prokletija mountain – “Maja e  Jezerces” direction climbed only twice.

 2014 led  successfully  expedition to “Peak Lenin” 7134 m -Kirgistan.

The majority of  his climbs were in winter conditions where he captures the pure black and white photographs he is most interested in. Alexandar to date has had two solo exhibitions and multiple collective exhibitions in Serbia. He has received several awards for photography and  Mountaineering.